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Toulky Prahou

Do you also have this mental disease that when you really like something you aggressively force everybody else to taste/watch/buy it, or is it just myself? For example, you’ve just seen a good film and immediately after you start sending out its trailer to all of your friends trying to persuade them that they cannot live anymore without watching that PERFECT FILM that may change their lives. Yes? No?

Well, anyway, let’s talk about the best city and why you are going to visit the capital of beer (and the Czech Republic). Praha, as we call it in Czech, is a stunning city everybody falls in love with. If you are thinking whether to go or yes, this is the right article you are about to read. Here you go.

1. Stunning architecture

Unlike thousands of lives that were irretrievably harmed during the Second World War, Prague’s architecture was left almost untouched, and so we can admire works that had been built in the Middle Ages and onwards. Known as the ‘golden city of spires’, Prague’s architecture is mix of all styles – gothic, baroque, renaissance, but also cubism or neoclassicism. Prague is full of architectural masterpieces that you can find on almost every corner. So, if you’re into sightseeing, two days won’t be enough for you. Even people living  for years in Prague sometimes come across a hidden miracle.

Must see places: Astronomical Clock, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, Vyšehrad

Výsledek obrázku pro orloj praha

Astronomical Clock

Výsledek obrázku pro katedrala sv vita

St. Vitus Catehdral

2. It’s cheap

It really is. According to some survey Prague is supposed to be one of the cheapest European capitals. To give you an idea, dinner for two in a good restaurant will cost you about 30€ (main courses + drinks), UNLIMITED transportation ticket for 3 days is about 12€ (applies to underground, bus, tram,…), bottle of wine in a good restaurant 15-20€, but you can get one in a shop for 3€ as well. Furthermore, there is a free entrance in many of the museums/galleries and the rest of them don’t ask more than 10€. Regarding the accommodation, you can sleep in a center located 3-star hotel for 45€, or Airbnb for 20€. Or if an adventurer, you can take the advantage of coach surfing, that works pretty well in Prague too. Most importantly (for some), one beer in a restaurant costs around 1.20€ (not joking), which is cheaper than soda. Nobody can blame us for being the biggest beer drinkers – 142 litres per person per year.  (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/maps-and-graphics/beer-consumption-per-capita-countries). A little paradox is that I started drinking beer here in Ireland (Is that treason?).


Související obrázek

‚Plznička‘ – my favourite Czech beer

3. THE food

Let’s start honestly: Traditional Czech food is hard to digest. After Sunday lunch we usually don’t move for around two hours as we are unable to do so. The only possible move we might make is the transfer from dining table to the sofa nearby. But never mind, it is just worth it. It is so delicious that we cannot simply help ourselves and finish the big portions we are usually served (by big I mean BIG, be prepared). When looking for a restaurant, first check their menu if it includes: vepřo knedlo zelo (roast pork and cabbage served with dumplings), řízek (Czech schnitzel) or my favorite smažák (fried cheese served with French fries).


Výsledek obrázku pro smazak


4. Night life

I know that I am not being very objective at this point, but you would struggle to find place with better concentration of good night clubs. Don’t get me wrong, I know that Dublin, Berlin or Barcelona are amazing cities for parties, but Prague is the best (ops, again, not really objective). I tell you why, Prague offers unlimited-variety-package. It is like shopping on Aliexpress, you can find anything you want. Pubs, crazy nightclubs of any style, rooftop terraces, house parties, concerts or favorite beer gardens. Ok, you might tell me that other cities have this too, BUT they lack one important thing – Czech prices (cocktail 5-7€, shot of vodka 3€).

Places I recommend:

Before the night gets darker and the party starts have some delicious dinner and drink some margaritas in Las Adelitas (Mexican restaurant).  And then continue to:

Lucerna – my TOP ONE club playing 80s, 90s music. I love this place, never willing to leave this place before 3am

Aloha Wave Lounge – very nice smaller place playing mostly contemporary music

Harley’s Bar

James Dean


 5. Náplavka

Náplavka is place that the rest of the world desperately wish to have. Our ‘urban beach’ is actually stretch of pavement next to the river Vltava. It literally means ‘a narrow strip of land by a river, just above the water level.’ It looks like this:Související obrázek

It is very lively place attracting people of all generations. There is number of events taking place throughout the year such as concerts or food markets. You might find it very crowdy especially during warm summer days/nights. People gather here to have picnic, drink beer or wine and don’t leave until late night/early morning.

Výsledek obrázku pro naplavka summer

And there is much much more Prague offers than my poor summary of 5 points. However, I hope I gave you an idea how cool this city is.

If you decide to go on unforgettable adventure to my country, feel free to ask me any questions you may have. Ahoj!

(This time I borrowed some of the photos from the internet. Forgive me.)

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